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Please leave us your info for a free 30 minute strategy session. We will discuss every single aspect of executing your music. You will gain all the insights you need to devise the unforgettable.

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What businesses value your service the most?
Our best clients are stylish brands whose culture guides them to distinctly curate every aspect of their customer experience. Uniqueness and specificity are non-negotiable. Venues that wish for customers to linger more and spend more. Comfortable and exciting spaces are also non-negotiable. Brands that appreciate the medium of music culture as a powerful and playful means to communicate their identity. Our best collaborators are those that need assurances their investments will indeed lead to memorable brand experiences, increased sales and employee motivation, smooth and purposeful operations. Finally, business owners that need their entertainment to be run professionally to save them and their staff from the struggle of doing so themselves. If your budget can only accommodate a DIY approach we will happily provide you with the best music technologies and design strategies to make it as easy as possible for you to do so. We are here to help regardless of circumstances.
What does your service cost?
We can provide the right music technologies for guided DIY approaches for as little as $40/month, and custom soundtrack designs with professional management starting at $150/month. These rates apply for a single location. Scalable discounts apply for larger organizations. Engagements for developing branded soundtracks and sound system designs require retainers that can be credited for project commitments. Please inquire for more info.
Where is your service available?
We can easily service many international destinations with our soundtrack designs and music technologies. We can also easily provide sound system designs and budgeting estimates internationally based on architectural drawings so that business owners can approach local integrators in an informed manner. We can directly manage installations inside Ontario, Canada of nearly any scope. Installations can also be directly performed outside of this region though certain criteria must be reviewed. We have performed installations across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.  Please inquire for more info.
When are your services most valuable?
To fully realize the benefits of our holistic design methods it is best to engage as early as possible. Doing so will allow us to find creative ways music culture and sound entertainment can be used to define your brand’s identity and customer experience. If we are not engaged this early, at the very least you should reach out a couple of months before opening for music technology and soundtrack design purposes. To ensure public venues are designed with the necessary utility to entertain with sound it is best we are engaged in the early stages of architectural design so that we have the opportunity to inspire and inform your team of design possibilities and realistic expectations regarding their efficacy and required investment. Doing so will allow the integration sound systems and acoustics in the most elegant and cost effective manner possible.We are also happy to be engaged after venues are operational to help find ways your music experience can be improved through better soundtracking, music technology, management practises, as well as sound system and acoustic modifications.
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