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Music Streaming for Businesses

We advise platforms based on your needs and can control all aspects of implementation for hands-free and reliable management.

There are so many music platforms and they range wildly in terms of music licensing, functionality, price points, and commitments. The choices can be overwhelming.

We form relationships with innovators from around the universe so that our clients have access to the finest and most cost-effective solutions.




Space Age Licensing

Music catalogues that rival consumer platforms. Need to import designs from Spotify or Apple? Expect nearly one to one matching in seconds. The entire music universe waiting for your command.


Titanium Transmission

Music streaming technology delivering the highest sound quality and playback consistency. Network issues be damned – store-forward and offline mode capabilities for uninterrupted music magic.

Total System Control

Playlist scheduling, user & location management, and hardware remote control that leaves nothing to chance or pilot error. Rest assured restless commander.


Sexy Soundwave Science

Volume normalization of glorious consistency. Smart playlist shuffling avoiding song repetition like space invaders from Mars. If you need Sonos Integration, commercial messaging, or even music video players in the mix – look no further.


Operating Since the 1960s

“The Playlist Company's approach to music design and management is what the restaurant business needs. They are very professional and their playlists are without equal. It is a pleasure to be able to communicate my vision and have them turn it into music.”

Zoran Kocovski

O&B Group

29 Venues Across Canada

“For many years The Playlist Co. has curated distinctive playlists which reflect the specific vision of each of our locations. O&B also utilizes The Playlist Co. for sound system design and installation in new locations, as well as retrofitting and repair of legacy systems.

They have proven to be efficient and responsive in their work, and the final product consistently exceeds expectations. We look forward to working with The Playlist Co. for years to come.”

Cliff Snell
Director of Operations



  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of Do-It-Yourself approaches?
  • Are off-the-shelf music programs appropriate for my needs?
  • Which platforms have adequate licensing/music catalogues?
  • How can I minimize my music royalty costs?
  • Which platforms make managing Spotify / Apple playlists the easiest?
  • Which tech do I need - streaming or store-forward?
  • What are the drawbacks of running music platforms through Sonos?
  • What are the legalities of using consumer platforms like Spotify?
  • What are the benefits of scheduling features vs running things manually?
  • What are the best ways to control who has access to my music?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of featuring videos in my space?
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