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To escape



Our soundtrack designs aim to give your brand a memorable musical voice - one that reflects your values and objectives. This process works to set your brand apart.

Our most important pursuit is to create an impression that sticks with your customers - calling them back for more and inspiring them to share their experiences with others.

To design the unforgettable you will collaborate closely with a team of experts to curate exceptional music programs that spin the windmills of your customers’ minds.


Our goal is to give your brand a unique voice





Bar Isabel

“A Spanish Gem That Will Make You Cut A Rug”

“The rumba music is the first sign that something’s different: the soaring clarinet solos, the pulsing bongo beats, the 1950s power brass my grandparents might have danced to…you admire and loosen clothing and laugh here, loudly.

You order that second bottle, think about dancing to the rumba music, and you think it’s weird that you want to dance to rumba music, and you keep thinking about it anyway.

It’s the sort of restaurant that people fall in love with…give in and dance outside on the sidewalk as you leave as I saw one couple do late one evening. Why shouldn’t they? There’s a new great restaurant in town.”

Chris Nuttall-Smith

Critic / Judge Top Chef Canada


Tropical Bangarang

For a taste of the illusions and hedonism


IL Covo

#64 Canada's 100 Best Restaurants 2019

“We wanted our music to be rooted in Italy, but in an untraditional way. The Playlist Co. proposed doing a lot of research into Italian folk music, Italian library jazz, and even Spaghetti Western soundtracks to be able to piece our soundtracks together in a way that reflected the Italian folk hero that inspired our name. We love the result.”

Ryan Campbell
Chef / Owner

La Torre Di Babele is an uncompromising leap into the technicolor world of classic Italian folk, Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, raucous hard bossa, eccentric samba soul, and sass from the hip to be square swingin' 60s. A concept that revels in the excess and pastiche of the era and yet audaciously bubbles with surprise after surprise from the deep easy listening vaults of legends gone shockingly rogue.


La Torre Di Babele

To enter this Italian Devil’s Hideout




Pearl Morissette


White Sands

Needing to evoke urban edge and yet fitting seamlessly within the natural splendour of the surrounding countryside. Taking inspiration from modern and spare abstract art, the thrust of the project became rooted in selections that conjured a voodoo mood, conveyed acres of space, and hinted towards the exotic. Ethiopian groove became the foundation for a mystical tapestry grounded in first world cinematic jazz with the added spice of Arabic swagger.


The Royal Hotel


White Tiger

The Royal enthusiastically embraces the golden decades of the sixties on through to the nineties. From southern soul, bumping disco, sophisticated eighties pop on through to the classic boom bap of nineties hip hop, classic groove of the ages is essential to the spirit of this boutique hotel's musical signature. The ambition behind White Tiger was to craft a soundtrack that could be both wholly contemporary and yet classic all at once.


The Anndore House


Lotus Flower

For the very late and very early hours landscape an impressionistic mood piece - eclectic by design. African west coast ephemera sways into L.A. urban beats that fall into the hypnotic sway of classic bossa nova and the swell of classic Havana. Silky 70s rare groove also fills the frame before contemporary indie rNb takes the main spotlight away from modern cinematic jazz, Portuguese nu fado, and French chanson both new and old. This just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 


The Diplomat


Johnny Lucky

Rooted in those very 80s muscular basslines of bands like Gang Of Four, A Certain Ratio and ESG. In Johnny Lucky we conjured up the spirit of early 80s punk funk and N.Y. no wave, not as a period piece per say, but more through the lens of contemporary underground indie stylists perfecting that daring Bowie sneer while spastically appropriating dance culture cues with little regard for rules. It's kooky, fun and jagged, and dares you to stand up and cut loose. 



  • What level of investment is reasonable for my endeavors?
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  • How do I make sure my music coincides with my brand identity?
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  • Which programming strategies will make my music memorable?
  • What are valid motivations to change my music program wholesale?
  • How often should I replace my music to manage repetition levels?
  • How recognizable does my music need to be?
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